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Nov 15, 2012

"Human Rights - The Great Maldivian Joke"

from my other blog: thelineinbetween.posterous.com/human-rights-the-great-maldivian-joke

"Bondhu Apartment Building in Male' City"

Imagine 40 guys , sleeping together in 1 room. Pretty Gay huh?

Now imagine this! 40 expat workers sleeping together in a single 8x8ft room. Still gay? No! That is called violation of Basic Human Rights.

Maldivians, have always been known to the outter world to be calm, friendly and sensible people. The good, peaceful kind of people!

To those who feed the national economy with Green Paper, YES! To the poor expats working their ass off just to earn enough to feed their sick old parents, wife and children back home, NOT REALLY!

Maldives might be paradise on earth for tourists. Maldivians are taught to respect, and 'be nice' to the "europeans". However, when it comes to the foreign workers here in the Capital City of Male' and the islands up and down, they are treated like animals. Hell! I'd say even animals are treated better here in the Maldives.

But why?

Aha! There my friend is the big question! Why? Because Maldivians since long, have been trained straight from birth to hate and fear them. To treat them like they mean nothing. Like they arn't humans like us. Like they don't matter.

When I say this, I do know that there is a very less percentage of Maldivians,(thankfully myself included) who treat these foreign men and women like any other human being.

The problem is with the population that, lives in houses built by these 'bondhs', wears clothes tailored by these 'bondhs', eat food sold, sometimes even delivered to the doorstep in the hands of these 'bondhs', leaves their newborn babies in the hands of a 'bondhu' maid (who also cooks the food they eat), and yet complain about these 'bondhs'.

See? The problem with us is that we think we are a super human race. We think we should have all the 'Human Rights' that could ever be listed. We think the only people who deserve these rights are us.
The problem is that we fail to see how many human's rights we have stolen away before we raise our hands for our rights. The son of a sick old father fails to realise that he is depriving his father off his rights, when the son stays out the whole day. The mother of a newborn baby fails to see herself depriving her baby's rights when she goes out to parties and Human Rights rallies leaving the baby in the hand of the 'bondhu' maid we talked earlier about.

Until we give those Human Rights to the Humans living under our shelter, as our labors; we have no right to fight for our rights.

* 'Bondh or Bondhu' is a local term used to decribe a working class human from any Asian country.
Photo Source: Google - flickr.com/photos/ennovativethinker

Jan 30, 2012

Thiyaheneh nuvehtteyne!

Muskulhin bune ulhunu bas bas katu ehchakah vehjje dhehtho eve. Eyru bunaa baeh bas bahah birun viri viri thibi dhivehin miadhu e bas bahah jahany jokeve. Thedhekeve.  eyru muskulhin kee baeh ehchehsakee biru gannavan kee ehchehseve. baaleehuga isheenumun fookolhugai mulihi nagaaney bunumun miadhu gaboolu kuraane meehaku madhuvaane eve.

Kan mihen hurinamaves eyru bune ulhunu baeh bas bas miadhu handhaan nethumuge sababun nuvatha handhaan kuran beynun nuvumuge sababun midhany misraabu gellemunneve. Gaumuge hungaanu oyaa gos odi dhiyavaan fashifi eve. handhaanah annanee ehkkala muskulhin bune ulhey bahekeve. e meehaku minaa naalhin emeehakah minaasheve.

Dhakkan mi ulheny siyaasee gothun gaumu halaboli vefai vaa vaahaka eve. rayyithunnah fuluhun aniyaa kuraaa vaahaka eve. Karuna gas ge vaahaka eve. aseymirus spray aa muguruge vaahaka eve.

Faharehggai mee "nukiyey" ehchakah ve "thiheneh nukiyeyney" kiyaafa alhugandu gengos Dhoonidhoo ga noonee Girifusheega baindhaanee kon iraku kameh neynge eve. Ingeyhaaves ehchakeee dhen mi vaahaka nudhahkkaa ulheven neh kameve.

Thedhekeve. Fuluhunnakee aniyaaveri baekeve. Eyah vuren bodu thedhakee fuluhunnakee evs mibimah shahaadhaiy kiyaigen mi bimugai dhiri ulhey ehen rayyithekey ehfadha mi gaumuge rayyithunneve. Thafaathu vanee alhaafaivaa uniform aai athugai oiy mugureve.

Handhaan vanee emme furathama noosveriehgge gothugai muzaaharaa eh cover kurumah maggumahchah nikuiy re eve. Maa kuriyeh nooneve. 2010 vana aharu beyvvunu "fenjahaali" muzaaharaa ge handhaaneve. Aadhe, karantuge agu heyo kurumah govaalaa fura Male' gai kuri muzaaharaa gai, e furathama reyves fuluhun aniyaa kuriyeve. Eyge fahun 2011 vana aharu ves fuluhunge muguruge shikaarayakah alhugandu viyeve. Nossveriyekey kiyaafa card ves dhakka dhakka hutta eve.

Edhuvas maazeeve hingahjje eve. Hiy baru kameh netheve.

Source: raajjenews.blogspot.com

Miadhah visnaasheve! Rayyithun visnaasheve! Miothy minaa naalhin minan vee vaguthu aissa eve. Siyaasee faraaiythakun konme reyaku magumathin sarukaaru vattaalaa vaahaka dhakka eve. Hagygathakee mibuni naalhin minegen noonee verikan vattaa nuleveyne vaahaka eve. Aniyaa vaane eve. Maru ves gaatheve. Ekamaku visnan vee dhuniyeyga mihaathanah verikameh magumathin vattaali konme faharaku ekamah takaa ethah furaana eh gurubaan vefai vaa kameve. Aniyaaveri veriyakaa dhekolhah hanguraama kureveynee shaheedhu vumuge hiyvaru huregenneve.

15 rey mathin fuluhunnah gaanoonu ivvihjje eve. Muguruge gadhabaaru ihusaas vun noon kameh vi baa eve.

Bunan mi ulheny fuluhun eh muguru hifaigen rayyithun 'luhelan' nukunnan yaa rayyithun dhe muguru hifaigen fuluhunnah fuluunge vaajibu dhaskohdhy ebaimeehunge vaudhu handhaan kohdheynvee vaguthu aikameve.

Bunan oiy ehchehgge bodukan liyevey varah vure bodeve. hama buhdhi huri dhivehsakah viyyaa mi bunan ulheny seedhaa harakaathehgge vaahaka kan visneyne eve.

Seedhaa harakaathuge thafseelakah nudhaanameve. Bunan oiy haaves ehchakee thiya ulhey gothah ulhegen kuran thi ulhey kanthakeh nuvaane eve. Thiyaheneh nuvetteyne eve!

Nimaalaanee Raees meehaage lhen baithakunneve.

Meri dheloa dhaairu verin aniyaage dhanmaru roakuraa
                           Verikameh mikahala dhusheemutha rayyithun hiydhathi kuraa    

Jan 10, 2012


Ismail Hamdhoon

"a classmate - a friend - a brother"

May The Almighty Grant Your Soul Eternal Peace

*** *** ***

Dec 24, 2011

the environment song

Note: Although I have finished the whole song, I am workin' on polishing the rest of the song, so here is another incomplete piece (hope you don't mind @Chantal ). 

Like Selena said,
Every beautiful thought's been already sung
So here is the hard truth you've been hiding from

What the fuck has happened to you
Can't you see the islands sinking
Can't you hear us crying? a generation begging?
Of cause you cant, You're blinded
Double-D — tits of greed cover your eyes
Yes! Of cause you cant, You're deafened
Corruption pissed in your ears you deaf fool

Dec 12, 2011

angel's dust

Note: I wrote this a back, was going through my old song books last night when I found this. And now, my friend Orthorexia, has agreed to use this lyrics for one of his songs =)

Take me in, I’m your friend
Walk with me, this is the end
Fuck* the sinner you’ll see
Pleasure and pride I shall be
Plunge yourself into public hate
At last I will become your only true fate
I will rip you apart
And still bring peace to your heart

Take me in – I am the angel’s dust
Never, would I let you die and rust
I shall protect you; I promise I shall be the first
I shall be with you, until you seek this earth’s crust
Come with me, I’ll lead the way
I’ll take you to the happiest bay
Your days shall be free – nights be gay

Take me in; I am your friend
Walk with me; I’ll rip you apart
And still bring peace to your heart

Come with me, I’ll lead the way
I’ll take you to the happiest bay
Your days shall be free – nights be gay
Come my friend –– anything you say

*This word is replaced to be "Embrace" in the clean version of this lyrics.

Dec 3, 2011


Home, school, work, or the outer world,
Existence has always been a challenge.
Put me down,
And made me cry.
Since the docs pulled me out,
I, ladies and gentlemen, am a parody...

of me...

Nov 29, 2011

eternal damnation

  poem by me, (second verse by foxyvixen)

Life makes me think.
Once again, it repeats itself.
I am covered. This mist of frustration seems eternal.
Hypnotized by thy sycophancy.
Hallucination is meditation for me.

Down once more to the dungeons of my black despair.
Down I'm plunged into the prison of my mind.
Down that path into darkness deep as hell.

Stripped naked to my nightmares.
Crushed by the words of sweet guilt.
Covered in a veil of Silverblood, the treacherers raise another toast.
Alas! I face another fevered dream.

Nov 23, 2011

dhivehinge aneh' fuh

Note: I wrote this article sometime back, months ago actually, but never got to publish it. So here goes. My level of Political Thinking - then. I apologize that this is written in Latin Dhivehi. I am working on writing an english version of this article, and will publish it as son as possible.  

Photo Source: http://www.bangkokpost.com
 Alhugandumen dhivehinnakee feshuneehsure ves alhugandumenge thereygai
oiy reethi aadha thakaa ekuveri ehbai vanthakamaa islaamee rivethi
aadha thakaa bunaa bahuge ithubaaraai Yageen onna minvaraai medhu
fahuru verive dhuniyeyge hurihaa thanehggai mey fuhppaa bodaave
evaahaka dhakkamun dhaa baekeve.

Thedhekeve, zamaanehggai dhivehin ge thereygai reethi aadha thakeh ves
hutteve. Namaves Ibn Sina aai Piraad fadha dhathuru verin ge galan
thakun raajje aai medhu eyru liyunu thaureefuge ibaaraaiy thah
miadhuge dhivehi raajje ah binaakoh liyaanama ekan kuran jeheynee
“Reendhoo Raees” e vidhaalhuvaa fadha ‘hindhu kolhehgga’ kan

Dhivehinge thereygai eyru vee emme reethi aadha kamugai belevunu
mehumaandhaaree ge furihama misaalu miadhu fennan huree thaareehu foiy
thakuga eve. Thimaa aa eh ginthi ehgge beyfulhun naai eku noonee
kaiboe hadhan ‘ladhu ganna’ dhivehin miadhu madheh nooneve. Male’
“beyfulhun”, Addu City “goobaddaa” in, Dhihdhoo “boanthashin” ge
ithurun raajje therey “ehchehi” ufedhigen aee kon iraku kon gothakah
kamee suvaalu ufedhey kamekeve. Yageen vaa hageegathakee mi
“beyfulhun”, “goobaddaain”, “boanthashin” adhi “ehcheh” sakee
hahthahaa ves insaanun kameve. Meege therein vaki bayakee mathin
faibaa thibi baeh noon kameve.

Dhivehinge ehbaivantha kamuge vaahaka dhakkan miadhuge bodu manzaru
fenna meehaku ladhugannaane kamee shakkeh oiy kameh nooneve. Irehggai
jehigen hurigeyn lha dhariaku roa adu iveynama e ge ehggai kaa ehchehi
huritho, egey meehun thibee kaigen tho balaa nukai thibinama garudhiya
boathashi gengos dhin dhivehinnah miadhu furathama ves balaaleveny
egey meehunnakee kon kula ehgge baeh tho eve. Nuvatha kon faction
ehgge baeh tho eve. Thima aa “tune” nuvaa baeh nama evee undhagoo
vaathee fuluhunnah angaasheve.

Gaumu hingan havaalu kurevifaivaa “veri beykalunnai”, rayyithunge
gadharu hifahattan, masooliyyathu havaalu kurevifaivaa “rayyithunge
izzaiytheri membarun” dhuvaalaku dheirah media ah araa hehdhevi
nuhehdhevi ah govaa zuvaabukoh “rayyithunge majileehuga” lava
vidhaalhuve, meyzah araa, bodaa haakaa, “boom boom” mi dhuvvanee
rayyithu meehaage kon haqqeh hoadhaidheyn tho eve. Nuvatha maadhamaa
verinnah vaan thibi miadhuge kuda kudhinnah kon fadha misaaleh
dhakkavan tho eve.

Dhen dhakkan othy haas safuhaa in ves nunimey varuge vaahaka ekeve.
Kurukoh bunaanama Dhivehinge Islaamee rivethi usoolu thakaa dheenah
hurumaiytherikoh hithaa minvaruge vaahaka eve. Gaumu islaam vi gothaai
medhu suvaalu ufedhey iru miadhuge haalathaai medhu ehcheh bunaane
jaaga eh netheve. Sababakee dhogu hedhumaai olhuvaalumakee Islam dheen
emme dhekolhu hadhaa kan kamah vaairu Raajje islam vefai vanee
Rannamaareege fuloaku vaahaka akun kamah vaathee eve.

Hendhunu Polihunge beyfulhaku araa gaumee TV gai masthuvaa thakethi
beynun kuraa meehunnaai, valhi alhaa meehunaai, kuda kudhinnaai eku
badhu ahulaagee amalu hingaa meehununnai, magu ferey meehunnai, juvaa
kulhey meehunnai, hashivikkaa meehunnai minoon ves mifadha amalu thah
kuraa meehun mathibaruve mathi falhaigen dhaa varah Raajjeygai thibi
vaahaka dhakkavaafai faibaa vadai gathumun reyganduge habarugai hama e
gondeegai innavaigen Islamic Affairs ge ministaru mi gaumakee 100%
muslimun ulhey gaumekey vidhaalhu vumun mi kiyeny hatharakun hayeh
kendymai 2 baakee innaaney beyfulhaku jalsaa ehggai vidaalhuvun fadha
vaahaka yakah nume noonee nuvaane eve.

Dhen othy bunaa bahuge yageen kan oiy minvareve. Hama yageenunves
rayyithu meehaa ithubaaru hifee vaudhu vee meehaa asheve.
Meehunnasheve. Kuda kaafaai bodu kaafuge hiyalugai 30 aharu raajaa kan
kurehvvumah fahu thimannaa dhen hunnaanee dhurugai balanshey
vidhaalhuve dhuvas kolhaku ulhuvvumah fahu anehkkaa ves baeh beyfulhun
keyolhu kamah aran masahkaiy kuraa iru keyolhukan badhalu koh Aneh
Dhivehi Raajjeyge kandu thakun roadhi hoadhaidheyn vaudhu vee meehaa
miadhu ulhen e jehny ai pressure thakaa gaboolu kurehvunu philosophy
thakaai, keyolhu dhivehin buni bahuge maana Press Secretary
dhivehinnah dhivehi bahun kiyaadheyn jehumun libunu gellun thakun odi
dhiya vaathee dhiya hikkaasheve.

Vazeerun unbah jehumun ekamaa bodaahaakaa, muzaaharaakoh, hajoo jahaa,
karaa felhi beyfulhun miadhu boom boom lavvaafai “hus athaa” gos
ehkkala unbah jehi beyfulhunge anbondi ah vanumun mi beyfulhunge bas
gaboolu kuran beynun vaa meehaayah ves e vaanee Leadaruge kokkoge anbi
kanbalun evidhaalhuvaafadha “joke” akah noon tho eve.

Kan mihen huri iru alhugandumen rayyithu meehun miadhu visnan vee
kulayakah, faction akah, siyaasee fikurakah belumeh nethi eyruge
dhivehinge e huri thaahiru dhiriulhun miadhuge zuvaan jeelugaives vaki
hippuvaalumasheve. Liyaanama kithanme varakah ves liyevidhaane eve.
Namaves fooneh fayah fen furan hiyy neydheythee Jeymu Dhonkamana ge
iburaiy theri baithakun kuru kollaanameve.

“Gaumu miothy nubai fahtharehgga ey – hey araigen thibeyshey anhenun
Gaumu dhekemun midhaa hiyy dhathi kamun – minju veytho balaashey firihenun”

Nov 19, 2011

photography. yes mine!

Some of my best shots...

HIV - a silent threat in paradise

- taste of tradition -

angry bird o_O

first shot - the distant miracle

armed to aware



death of paradise